Young Woman Competition

The Young Woman Competition 

The Young Woman Competition aims to find a young female Ambassador for rural NSW and the agricultural show movement. The Competition encourages the participation and subsequent awareness of rural women’s contribution and involvement in both local communities and rural NSW as a whole.

It is open to women aged 18 – 25 years, residing in New South Wales. It is most important the Young Women have a genuine interest in, and knowledge of, rural NSW.

At the local level the Cooma Young Woman will:

  • be an ambassador for the Cooma Show and the Snowy Monaro Regional Area.
  • be involved and participate in the Cooma Show and the Cooma Pastoral and Agricultural Association.
  • represent Cooma at the Zone 3 Young Woman Final.
  • attend a Personal Development Weekend in Dubbo NSW, hosted by Dubbo Show Society.
  • develop new skills and build upon their professional development
  • contribute back to their community
  • develop life long memories and friendship

For further information contact Leanne Mackay, 0418 114 249, Young Woman Co-Ordinator.

2024 Young Woman 

Emily Rowson

Emily grew up in Jindabyne and has always been around animals and had a passion for the agricultural industry. She attended Jindabyne Central School before heading off to St Paul’s College in Walla Walla for both Equine and Agricultural Studies.

Emily’s time at St Paul’s allowed her passion for all aspects of the Agricultural Industry to grow, she participated in halter breaking sheep and cattle for shows, crop trials and all aspects of animal welfare.

Emily’s hobbies include spending time with her family and friends, riding her horses and spending as much time as possible achieving goals on the farm, no matter how big or small they may be.

Although she is now working in an admin role and for a local school, previously she’s had many agriculturally based roles from roustabouting, contracting work, working at a local vet clinic and also some time working at the Rural Financial Counselling Service.

Emily believes local Ag shows are such a great way for the local community to come together, grow and share knowledge with each other. Emily is excited to be Cooma Young Woman for 2024 and form a stronger connection to her local show society and the attached community. She also wants to inspire other young people to set goals and embrace the journey those goals will take you on.

We wish Emily all the best in the Young Woman Competition.

2023 The Land Sydney Royal Agshows NSW Young Woman.  

A small reflection – Florance McGufficke 2023 The Land Sydney Royal AgShows NSW Young Woman. 

The Young Woman Program has been such a rewarding experience, a journey of self-growth, new confidence, an abundance of friendships and the odd blow-up dinosaur costume.

From growing up here, on my families Merino sheep enterprise, in the heart of the Snowy mountains.

I can still remember finding my first poddy lamb, I was about 5, standing on the seat of my dad’s old Toyota Hilux, hitting my head on the roof as we bounced across the lambing paddocks. George, I called him. This is where my love for sheep began.

Cooma has given me such strong foundations, instilling a love for community and passion for agriculture. I have also learnt that when an opportunity presents itself to you, say yes while you can.

I have very fond memories of our fabulous show – now in its 148th year. The Cooma show was a calendar highlight growing up, my sisters, Miranda and Ivy and I would always enter in the pavilion, from decorated Arnott’s biscuits, photography, multiple fleeces of wool to arts and crafts. It was the only time where we actually got told ‘whose was better’ – considering mum and dad never had any ‘favourites’.

I remember the 2012 show, the year Quentin Bryce came as Governor General and awarded our Pa (Greg) Life Membership, during the Year of the Farmer. When I went away to boarding school the show was one of the only weekends I was allowed to come home during the school term.

When I was 12, I entered the Junior ‘Showgirl’ competition, most other girls were in nice dresses, I remember being dressed in my work shirt and jeans as I was also participating in the junior judging at the same time. I guess I have always been encouraged to make the most of the opportunities.

Transitioning through life my pavilion entries and involvement dropped while I travelled overseas and completed university in Armidale. However, the best thing about your local show is that it will be there when you return.

Being named the 2023 Young Woman is an honour, a once in a lifetime experience. I always had a dream, to be a part of the competition, I had role models, who encouraged me to enter and hearing about the doors that opened for them, I knew it was something I would like to be involved in one day.

Attending the one final in Yass in 2023, to then having an experience of a lifetime, a week at the Easter show, with 13 other amazing girls from across NSW. From Nowra to Lismore, Lockhart to Moree and way out west.

The week at the Easter show is so unique, from behind-the-scenes access, to front row seats at the entertainment, we dined like queens and smiled and walked our way around the show, the people you meet and connections you make are life changing. The best part is you walk in as strangers and out as friends.

This whole program is so unique, starting at your local show. You can be anyone, doing anything, from a radio host, dietitian, mortgage broker, financial advisor, vet, teacher, student, livestock or real estate agent, to passionate cow, alpaca or sheep lover. It is important to remember that you do not have to be the president, secretary or steward in your show to make a difference, just by attending the show, entering in the pavilion or volunteering your time keeps our shows going.

A big congratulations to Emily Rowson, our 2024 Cooma Young Woman, on her achievements so far. Taking that first step out of your comfort zone, investing time in yourself and being your show’s Young Woman is a huge accomplishment. It isn’t always an easy process. To be asked to speak about yourself, to make time for personal development whilst balancing various other commitments, all while smiling and trying to make the most of the opportunity.

Presentation, interviews, personality, general knowledge, goals and ambitions are important elements, but I believe an integral part is, remembering who you are, and understanding your ‘why’ and what you want to gain from this experience. As Oscar Wilde said – Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

For me personally, it has enabled me to build and develop my passions – to share my story to encourage other young people to believe in themselves and embrace all opportunities. The friendships & networks are endless and amazing. It is such a unique platform for personal and professional growth, I have learnt so much about myself. It is career building, if you have a dream, I can guarantee that by being involved in this program you will find someone or something that will help make that dream a reality. Boosting self-confidence, interpersonal and communication skills, after being handed a microphone with no warning. Overall, it is a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience. Thank you to the Cooma Show for their support and encouragement. To all my family, mentors, friends and those who have always believed, championed and inspired me to be the best version of myself and to take a leap of faith, a heartfelt thank you.

I now encourage everyone to step outside your comfort zone, because you never know where it might lead to.


2023 The Land Sydney Royal AgShows NSW Young Woman.

Past Young Women 

2022/2023 Florence McGufficke

2020/2021 Livinia Evans

2019 Emma Tangye

2018 Kristen Whiting